Thursday, December 1, 2005 News rich of Education on Thursday 1 December. This is the day, in fact, where the Prime Minister in a press conference developed several proposals for education. After the crisis of the suburbs, it is a pillar of its policy. "The urgency today is to make equality of opportunity a reality for all, with two drivers: employment and education," he said. The measures are detailed in all your papers "parental responsibility contract" and "suspension" of family allowances to families "failing" overhaul of the PTA system, end the global method, learning to 14 years. This is a very motley catalog. One wonders if this is a consistent policy. also a political positioning it says after the statements yesterday Wednesday Nicolas Sarkozy asking the bankruptcy of PTA and thus interfering in the debate about school, revived in these troubled times. The school deserves better. Perhaps it is then necessary to see more closely the proposal of the director of Sc.Po Paris to deepen its earlier initiatives with the creation of an experimental excellence school in the suburbs. Le Parisien devotes an entire folder and Le Monde several items. And since the first Minister concluded his disocurs by "" The school is the place of appointment of the Republic ", in turn, a quote finally found randomly from my reading" What constitutes true democracy does not recognize equal but to do. "that’s Leon Gambetta and it may be more ambitious … Good Reading … ———— ———————————- 01/12/05 Release of 20 cents per condom condoms in high school all high schools, and 20 cents. on the eve of World Day against AIDS, the head of State chaired a meeting on the prevention of the disease in the national education ministers alongside Gilles de Robien (Education) and Xavier Bertrand (Health) and in the presence of association leaders. Forgetting the usual reservations of its majority on the issue, Chirac hoped that schools will equip distributors preserved tive specifying same: 20 cents each. Read more of the article Villepin sells equality for all in 2006 and decided to suspend the allocs "dysfunctional families" Discrimination, overhaul of the PTA system, learning, Christmas bonus … It was the sixth press conference the Prime Minister. Read more of the article After the stick, Villepin out candy […] The education component is based on personalized support for troubled youth. Regarding the responsibility of parents, the Prime Minister refuses to remove Allowance offenders’ families as demanded by many UMP deputies, but is expected to announce other forms of punishment. The second point is on the mastery of reading and writing with the establishment of an evaluation at the end of EC1. Villepin also return on learning at 14, very criticized by the unions, emphasizing its non-binding. It will give a boost to the PTA, strengthening the resources allocated to teachers and some secondary schools. […] Read more of the article —————– —————————- Le Figaro 01/12/05 Absenteeism: Villepin wants to allow suspension of benefits the government wants to strengthen the role of parents too absent in school or in great difficulty making them sign a "parental responsibility contract" that could lead to a suspension of family allowances if it is not respected. "I propose to up a parental responsibility contract "at parents whose children are truant or are experiencing" serious difficulties ", said Thursday Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin at his monthly press conference. Read more of the article Five sites for "equality of opportunity" in school The plan will present this morning Dominique de Villepin is to ensure that every student can read and write at the end of the EC 1. Read More Article in Seine-Saint-Denis, the pre-apprenticeship is happy Jeremy Mehdi Gregory, Amar and others knead dough to make chopsticks. Ten boys of 15 are pre-apprenticeship (CFA) at interprofessional center of Pantin. Read more of the article Gilles de Robien or betting goodwill Appointed to National Education for its capacity for dialogue, he will have to demonstrate skill to implement the Villepin plan for the school. Read more of the article Sarkozy revisits the social divide For the interior minister must "file for bankruptcy ZEP" and move to "priority students" policy. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 01/12/05 Rap: the response to the censors seized by Francois Grosdidier UMP deputy justice minister against some rap groups playing on the ignorance of the art form and feels political censorship. Read more of the article Violent, but why? by Sylvia Faure, sociologist […] So we are dealing with an artistic style that has its codes, its logical creations, internal competition and that, to exist, must regularly violate the existing, like all non-academic art forms. The hardening of certain words (sometimes) must be seen in light of a distinction logic between the rappers ‘commercial’ (rap "cool") rappers ‘hard’. They are working to reinvent their styles, their writings on the basis of a formal words "black" daily, on behalf of a social experiment staged sometimes provocatively. The vanguard position must be transgressive. […] Read more of the article ————————– ————————– Le Parisien on 01/12/05 (paying) An elite high school to fight against school failure C ‘IS a small bomb in the world so sensitive of Education. This is a director of a large most prestigious schools of the Republic, combined with a president of a university scientist of world renown, which together … Read more of the article Do you think this project is a good idea ? Amel Chokri 30 YEARS JOB SEARCH AUBERVILLIERS (93) "It’s a wonderful idea! I especially hope that this super-high school will be a solution to give hope to young people: a good spirit in the classroom, that means a better … Read More Article Villepin and Sarkozy clash over PTA EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES through an overhaul of education. Villepin has this morning on the occasion of its sixth press conference, a series of measures to further assist students in neighborhoods through coaching more … Read more of the article Why they commit AROUND Richard Descoings, po-Sciences boss and Gilbert Bereziat, president of the University of Paris VI, are satisfied, for now, a couple of people ready to embark on the adventure. Read more of the article "The time for national unity for the suburbs" How did you get the idea for this project? Richard Descoings. The image of the suburban school is systematically blackened, even before the revolt of the suburbs. Read more of the article elite High School THE SCHOOL THAT WISH TO OPEN Richard Descoings and his team will be a public institution. He will respect fully the school map (it will host the sector where students will be established) and national programs. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– La Croix 01/12/05 equal opportunities, new priority Dominique de Villepin said on Thursday 1 December that "our country out of a severe test," in the opening of his speech monthly press conference at Matignon. "The urgency today is to make equality of opportunity a reality for everyone, with two levers: employment and education," he added, before unveiling the measures that it intends to implement to achieve it Read More Article five proposals to relaunch PTA Minister of education must submit a new policy on December 15 PTA and five professional specialists PTA offer in La Croix their solutions to boost the priority education policy Read more of the article ——————————— ————— 20 minutes from Paris 01/12/05: the city landscape of schools for disabled the City of Paris yesterday presented his plan for the accessibility of primary schools disabled. Currently, only 6% of Parisian schools are managed (44 in all). The City hopes that 19% of them will be by 2008 (133 schools). Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Ouest-France’s Apprentice 01/12/05 at 14, a solution to school failure? Learning from 14-15 years without the requirements of true employment contract? For the government, it is a solution to school failure. For young "pre-apprentices" bakers Mans is already a reality. Testimonials. Read more of the article AIDS makes them (almost) fear AIDS still not back in 15-24 years. In this day global fight against this disease, a national campaign to target schools. In high school Ronarc’h-Admiral in Brest most teens admit to being more afraid of cancer. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 01/12/05 the director of Sciences Po Paris wants to create an elite school for students from the suburbs This is an unprecedented initiative in the middle of education. The director of Sciences Po Paris, Richard Descoings, indeed proposes the creation of an experimental elite high school in the Paris suburbs to fight against school failure, he announced in an interview on Thursday 1 December at Aujourd’hui / Le Parisien. Read more of the article The 1905 law, history of a debate that never ends Following the promulgation by the President of the Republic, Emile Loubet, the law of separation of church and state December 9, 1905, Abel Combarieu, secretary general of the Elysee, noted in his diary: "This serious event which we feared the repercussions in the country produces no emotion." The time is quiet, so, but it is a temporary calm in the history of the Republic, rarely known law has also tormented genesis and implementation will also experience difficult. Read more of the article The results amounted to the crisis of the suburbs them weeks after the return to calm in the French suburbs, Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, tried, Tuesday 29 November, in perspective severity of incidents in the comparing the riots in Los Angeles that had 54 fatalities in 1992: "in France, during the two weeks of unrest, nobody died," assured the head of government on CNN, refuting the term "riot" to prefer that of "social unrest." […] Proportionately, colleges reported the most damage (92 affected a total of 5200), ahead of schools (49 of 2500) and schools (106 about 51 000). In 20% of cases, damage disrupted the functioning of classes. Read more of the article World Editorial fracture school so Oila school again hostage to the political controversy and the relentless guerrilla which engage the Prime Minister and his Minister of the Interior eighteen months before the 2007 presidential election Determined to respond to the crisis of the suburbs by addressing, inter alia, school inequalities suffered by young people of deprived areas, Villepin intends, indeed, engage a broad education reform . Having reopened, hussar, site of learning, he asked, Tuesday, November 29, the issue of priority education zones (ZEP) ensuring that it "must do more and better" in their favor. But twenty-four hours later, without waiting for the head of government detailing its intentions, Nicolas Sarkozy has in turn seized of the matter. With his usual sense of provocation, he assured that he must "file for bankruptcy ZEP" because "this policy has failed." […] Now the future of the school deserves better than this new tussle between two voices on the right. It is no secret that the policy of the PTA – one of the first public policies based on the principle of positive discrimination, dear to the interior minister – did not have the means of its initial ambitions and it has marginally strengthened equal opportunities. But the good faith should lead policymakers to recognize that sparked engagement and often remarkable work of teachers and schools concerned. Without the PTA, obviously, the school would divide dug more seriously. […] Read more of the article Villepin announces measures to promote equal opportunities th Prime Minister, Dominique de Villepin, presented on Thursday, December 1, at his monthly press conference, a series of measures to promote equal opportunities, some of which will be a bill the government wants to pass in the first quarter 2006. the Prime Minister intends to rely on two levers – employment and education – to help the inhabitants of the neighborhoods. Regarding the education component, the government announced operational changes in September 2006, without calling into question the Fillon law. To meet academic failure and absenteeism, the government wants to empower parents of children in difficulty. A "parental responsibility contract" will be offered by a social worker in liaison with the head teacher and the mayor. It prevoiera personalized support of the pupil and make my homework
his parents. If parents refuse to sign, child benefit will be suspended and placed in an escrow account, a decision for the president of the council. An assessment of students during the year EC1, on reading and writing, will be set up. EC1 students "will benefit from a personalized program of educational success in reading and writing as part of groups of fewer than ten students," said the Prime Minister. This "personal support" will continue "outside school through the doubling of educational success teams," he added. Today 100,000 students, or 10% of an age group, come in sixth without master reading or writing. Remedial classes with fewer than ten students are created. The Minister of Education, Gilles de Robien, will present within three months, for September 2006, the proposals on the learning of reading methods. Learning to 14 years will be implemented as from September 2006 and young people "will find at any time the college if they wish," said Dominique de Villepin. "This is without question the compulsory schooling up to 16 years which is a right, to give the opportunity to young people who do not thrive in school to engage in different courses, "added the Prime Minister. High schools in priority education zones (ZEP), whose results are "mixed," the first minsistre will be strengthened with better teacher training, better conditions of remuneration and career enhancement. BTS class will be opened in each school of the priority education zones. Read more of the article Paris-VI and Sciences-Po working on a school of excellence in the suburbs Open Experimental High School from the pooling of good educational practices difficult schools. The idea is still in the proposal but is already taken up by Dominique de Villepin. Originally this project, Richard Descoings, director of Sciences Po Paris and Gilbert Bereziat, president of the Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris VI), working there since the beginning of 2005 . Read more of the article against school failure, Prime Minister advocates the monitoring of students and parental sanctions’ is a broad education reform that Dominique de Villepin said on Thursday 1 December, the crisis suburbs. Rather than a new School Act, the Prime Minister preferred to present a set of measures to address school failure and, especially, pay particular attention to pupils and their parents. The head of government justifies the increased role it intends to give to the state: "I do not place myself in doctrinal debates on the effectiveness of the French model, looking for ways to implement concretely and practically, to all French, our republican principles. For this, some French need personalized assistance in employment and education. " "The school is the place of appointment of the Republic", he concluded. […] The teaching of reading will change, especially with the abandonment of the so-called "global", as from September 2006. Although it is already widely neglected by teachers, textbooks should formally proscribe. The Minister of Education, Gilles de Robien, was charged by the Prime Minister to make concrete proposals to that effect within three months. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur daily 01/12/05 Truancy: Parents threatened Prime Minister presented his plan for equal opportunities, which provides in particular to suspend family allowances to parents of absent students […] refusing to venture. the politically sensitive field of the removal of child benefit to parents of children missing school, the Prime Minister has announced, however, for absenteeism, the requirement to sign a "parental responsibility contract". If parents refuse to sign this contract, together with educational assistance, or do not comply, he will be fined, suspended or guardianship of family allowances, placed by decision of the General Council Chair , a blocked account. Strangely, this provision existed since 1966, was abolished in March 2003 by the Minister for the Family of the day Christian Jacob. It felt indeed that this device had proved "ineffective, rude, ill-suited because it is for families who receive child benefit, or there are 1,300,000 families only and do not receive child allowances. " A fine of up to 750 euros was set up to replace the suspension of family allowances. Read more from the article "Assessment of PTA": Robien reply to Sarkozy Nicolas Sarkozy wants to "declare bankruptcy" priority education zones that, in his eyes, have "failed," differentiating themselves by Dominique de Villepin, who wants to "do more and better toward the PTA" and attracting immediate replica of Gilles de Robien. Nicolas Sarkozy said Wednesday, Nov. 30 that "it must file for bankruptcy" priority education zones because "this policy has failed." "Improve, strengthen ZEP policy is far short of our needs. We need to change the PTA," he pleaded. Immediately after these statements, the Minister of Education, Gilles de Robien, replied that it saw "no reason to ask a bankruptcy filing of the PTA." Read more from the article "It is not the role of an interior minister" by Gerard Aschieri, Secretary General of the Unitary Union Federation (FSU) […] Indeed, the current situation is worrying ZEP . They concentrate more school failure than other areas. They must also often face problems of violence and insecurity, in part because of the social situation of students. And that’s all the entire school system which is driven down. But we can not talk much to the general PTA. We therefore propose to improve the situation of PTA, first to increase the differential means, which is currently inadequate meet present problems. Then you reduce class sizes to more individualized instruction. Today, the average is 25 students per class. To 20 students per class would be good. In one study, 17 students is ideal. Read more of the article Sarkozy: "The most violent Black Arabs" In its edition of Thursday, December 1, the International Gri-Gri – which appears as a "satirical fortnightly francafricain" – reveals about given by the Minister Interior after three weeks of urban violence in France. According to the newspaper, Nicolas Sarkozy said "late November at a lunch" that according to the reports of its services, "are curiously blacks rather than the Arabs who are violent." Specifically "Ivorians and Congolese," said the minister, according to the Gri-Gri. The newspaper added that according to Nicolas Sarkozy, violence would be "cultural" in these African countries Read more of the article ———————– ———————————— A selection in dispatches of 01/12/05 Dominique de Villepin ironic about "the school of skeptics" Dominique de Villepin, interviewed Thursday night on criticism from Nicolas Sarkozy against the priority education zones (ZEP), said Thursday night that he was "just being" ironic passage on "the school of skeptics" with the approach of 2007. Read more of the article Mr Le Pen considers "absurd" the concentration on some PTA President of the National Front Jean-Marie Le Pen said it was " aberrant "decision of Mr de Villepin to concentrate available resources on certain priority education zones (ZEP). "The priority education zones are useless, if not to spend wasted taxpayer money," and "it is absurd to want to transform the worst of them in super priority areas," said Mr. Le Pen said in a statement. Read more of the article Villepin Friday at Amiens on the theme of education Dominique de Villepin will visit Friday morning in Amiens for a visit focused on education in the wake of the announcement in response to the crisis in the suburbs, a battery of measures in this area, confirmed Thursday the press service of the Prime Minister. Accompanied by his Minister of Education Gilles de Robien, Amiens elected, he will first visit the College Jean Moulin Moreuil, near the capital of Picardy, where he will present the devices from the "Custom program success educational "visit and in turn a math support class and French, a scientific workshop and a class of" 3rd Discovery "before meeting the educational community. Mr. de Villepin will then visit the primary school Boves before inaugurating the House of employment Amiens and give a speech at City Hall. Read more of the article Henry "enthusiastic" high school to accommodate graduates from PTA Parisian Lycee Henri IV was said Thursday quite ready for early return of 2006 graduates from PTA and even "enthusiastic before this beautiful task. " Referring to the announcement of the Prime Minister, Dominique de Villepin, the creation of a reception class for thirty graduates from priority education zones (ZEP) to prepare them to take courses preparatory classes, the assistant principal in charge of preparatory classes, Bonnot Michel expressed his "enthusiasm". Read more of the article Sgen-CFDT and about Villepin: "patches" The General Union of Education (Sgen-CFDT) quipped Thursday on the words of Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin on education system, saying it offers only "patches". Read more of the article and Unsa about Villepin: "fuzzy, improvisation and dressing" the second teacher organization, UNSA-Education, on Thursday denounced "fuzzy, improvisation and dressing" in the words of Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin on the education system. Read more of the article FSU union schools and about Villepin: "cosmic vacuum" The main union of primary school teachers, the SNUipp-FSU, lamented Thursday "cosmic vacuum" of what the Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin about the school. "It’s amazing or it is a deliberate choice to say nothing of a capital period, on when the whole future of young people is built," he told AFP Gilles Moindrot general secretary SNUipp. Read more of the article FCPE parents and about Villepin: "dramatic emptiness" The main organization of parents, the CIPF, lamented Thursday "dramatic emptiness" of what the Prime Minister, Dominique de Villepin, on the education system. "The emptiness of government thinking on education is dramatic," told AFP the president of the CIPF, Georges Dupon-Lahitte. "The prime minister has said nothing new, he just announced as the new measures already implemented. It seems that its only concern is to respond to outbid the other candidate the president, "he added. Read more of the article FSU and about Villepin: "hardness behind appearances" The main teachers’ organization, the FSU, denounced Thursday the "hardness behind appearances" remarks of Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, on the education system. "On learning the PTA or absenteeism, we have seen confirmation of a repressive and discriminatory policy beyond inflections of speech," said the secretary general of the FSU, Gerard Aschieri, to AFP. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- for more Indispensable teaching coffee VousNousIls the site (Section dispatches education AFP) the home teachers-education AFP dispatches on the site the Yahoo News website under education Published by Watrelot on Thursday, December 1, 2005

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